Coaches and team staff members on clay target teams and play a critical role in providing student-athletes an team staff members a safe, fair, and competitive environment to participate. The USA Clay Target League provides relevant education, innovative technology, and personal support to assist all teams.

Each clay target team requires an adult (21+ years of age) Head Coach and a Range Safety Officer(s). Other team staffing support may include assistant coaches and team managers depending on the size of the team.

ClayTargetGo! helps athletes and coaches connect online with the League

ClayTargetGo! is the League’s exclusive online application suite designed specifically for clay target league coaches and families. ClayTargetGo! helps users manage operations, online registration, communications, scoring, statistics, and more.

Team Management System (TMS)

After confirming their team’s participation in the League, the Head Coach of the team will assigned primary access to the Team Management System in ClayTargetGo!.

The Team Management System includes:

  • Activity Dashboard – instantly review critical team status, action items, and important messages from the League.
  • Team Profile – school and coach contact information, billing information, conference designation, registration user names and passwords, and more.
  • Team Roster – add, edit, and download all information about your team members.
  • Submit Scores – submit weekly scores for each athlete.
  • Team Scoring Report – review scores and statistics on each athlete or the team.
  • Tournament Registration – activated prior to tournaments to manage student athlete registration and roster.
  • Access Special Team Offers – advertisements from select League providers offer special purchase incentives for teams.

The Head Coach will invite other coaches via email to gain access to TMS and allow certain privileges to access information.

Only a Head Coach or school administrator can authorize a change of the Head Coach. This must be coordinated through the League.

The League has strict rules and regulations regarding disclosure of athlete information, including but not limited to names, phone numbers, email addresses, house addresses or any other information allowing a third party to identify or contact any League participant or parent. Coaches, assistants, staff or any other personnel with access to Contact Information may not copy, distribute, sell, share, or make available in any manner, to any other person, entity, or third-party. In the event of unauthorized disclosure of any Contact Information the individual(s) responsible shall be deemed in violation of this privacy rule and the League may resort to any remedy available to it, through its internal Bylaws or at law.

Athlete Management System (AMS)

Students can create their athlete profile by visiting and entering the Team ID they receive from the coach.

The Athlete Management System includes:

  • Activity Dashboard – instantly review critical team status, action items, and important messages from the League and the team.
  • Registration – registration and payment confirmation.
  • Athlete Profile – contact information, medical concern, and access information.
  • Shooter Performance Tracker – review scores and statistics.
  • Access Special Offers – advertisements from select League providers offer special purchase incentives for athletes.

Coach Leadership and Safety Support (CLASS) Certification Program

The CLASS Certification program has been designed specifically for coaches participating in USA Clay Target League programs. The League’s CLASS Certification provides a comprehensive and interactive online education and training program designed specifically for League coaches.

  • Free for College Clay Target League coaches!
  • All coaches registered with the League receive General Liability Insurance.
  • All coaches that complete the CLASS Certification receive an official iron-on certificate patch from the USA Clay Target League.


Benefits of the CLASS Certification

Many benefits include:

  • Accessible – available online to everyone with tablet, smartphone or computer.
  • Comprehensive – the online course takes 5-6 hours to complete and no travel required.
  • Fun – animated graphics, sound, and interactive learning make it entertaining.
  • Convenient – progress can be saved at anytime to work around busy schedules.
  • Relevant – it’s all about clay target shooting sports, student-atheltes, and firearm safety.
  • Consistent – CLASS-Certified coaches across the nation learn the same content.
  • Support – dedicated Coach Education and Support Manager available to assist with all questions.


CLASS Content

Coach Leadership And Safety Support (CLASS) Certification Introduction

Lesson 1: Acquire Coaches and Volunteers

Lesson 2: Team Technology

Lesson 3: Recruit Student Athletes

Lesson 4: Partnering with a Shooting Range

Lesson 5: Resources for Ammunition

Lesson 6: Implement a Safety Plan

Lesson 7: Develop Team Communications

Lesson 8: Teaching the Skills of the Sport

Lesson 9: Recognize Achievements

Range Safety Officer (RSO) Introduction

RSO Lesson 1: General Range Safety

RSO Lesson 2: Education and Communication

RSO Lesson 3: Safety behind the Firing Line

RSO Lesson 4: Safety on the Firing Line

RSO Lesson 5: In Case of an Emergency