Clay Target Shooting

Section 1.    Tournament Dates

National Tournament dates shall be determined jointly by the host and the NJCAA.
2024 at TBD
2025 at TBD

Section 2.   Participation Requirements

Team Registration: All schools competing in the NJCAA clay target regular season must have a minimum of 5 student-athletes.

Section 3.  Competition Schedule
During the regular season, all season weekly competition events occur “virtually” with the USA Clay Target League. Teams conduct their weekly scheduled shooting event at their local shooting range. Scores are submitted to the USA Clay Target through the Team Management System. Scores and rankings are updated weekly shortly after the week’s event is      completed.

Regular season is conducted from early-September to mid-October.

The season schedule is defined as the first day of student-athlete registration through the final event.

8/1/23 – Student athlete registration opens
9/8/23 – Student athlete and team registration closes at Noon CT
9/10/23 – Practice/Reserve Week begins
9/13/23 – Conferences announced
9/17/23 – Competition Week 1 begins – score submissions due 9/23 at 9 p.m. CT
9/24/23 – Competition Week 2 begins – score submissions due 9/30 at 9 p.m. CT – Region Championship registration opens (if applicable)
10/1/23 – Competition Week 3 begins – score submissions due 10/7 at 9 p.m. CT
10/8/23 – Competition Week 4 begins – score submissions due 10/14 at 9 p.m. CT
10/15/23 – Competition Week 5 begins – score submissions due 10/21 at 9 p.m. CT – Championship registration closes (if applicable)
10/22/23 – Final season results published
10/24/23 – Region Championship may begin (if applicable)

Section 4.   Rules and Procedures
The NJCAA mandates that all participating schools adhere and follow the NJCAA Clay Target Sport Code and conduct all matches according to the rules in the NJCAA Clay Target Rulebook.

Section 5.   Finances
Each school shall pay its own team expenses.

Section 6.    League-Approved Firearm Safety Certifications
All student-athletes competing on the USA Clay Target League platform are required to obtain certification for either of the League-approved firearm safety certification programs. Only a state-approved hunter education certificate or the USA Clay Target League’s SAFE Certification are accepted. Teams should verify the firearm safety training certification requirements with the shooting range where they will be conducting League events.

Student-athletes cannot shoot at a team event on the USA Clay Target League platform at any time without a League-approved firearm safety certificate.

Option 1: State-Approved Hunter Education Certification
Most states require that hunters complete a certified hunter education course. The hunter education certificate is proof that students have successfully completed a state’s official and approved hunting safety course. A student can use a different state’s hunter education certificate than their residing state. A team coach will verify the certificate’s authenticity and the registrant must enter the certificate number at registration.
Check your state’s department of natural resources website for complete hunter education certification information.

Option 2: Student Athlete Firearm Education (SAFE) Certification
The USA Clay Target League’s SAFE Certification provides an in-depth firearm safety and procedures training program     designed specifically for League participants. The cost per student of the SAFE Certificate is $25 and is payable at the beginning of the online course. Refunds are not allowed. The SAFE Certificate is valid only for League participation and     cannot be used for obtaining a hunting license.

The SAFE Certificate is designed specifically for student-athletes and coaches participating in the League.

The SAFE Certification requires the completion of the online AND shooting range certification programs to earn the SAFE certificate.

Students will participate in a training session conducted by a CLASS-Certified coach on the team. The 1-2 hour shooting range training will include firearm safety, shooting sport procedures, shooting at clay targets, and range safety requirements. The Instructors must have completed the League’s Coach Leadership And Safety Support (CLASS) Certification program. Instructors will be provided a SAFE Range Certification guide from the League to assist with certification. The SAFE Certification website can be found here.

Coach Leadership And Safety Support (CLASS) Certification

The USA Clay Target League’s CLASS Certification provides a comprehensive and interactive online education and training program designed specifically for League coaches. The CLASS Certification is available to all coaches and takes 5-6 hours of online training to complete. The CLASS Certification website can be found here.

A new Head Coach is required to obtain CLASS Certification for the USA Clay Target platform. There is no cost for the course. Contact the USA Clay Target League for access.

CLASS Certification is only required for coaches if SAFE Certification for student-athletes is allowed.

Assistant coaches or volunteers may complete the CLASS Certification for $50 each.

Only CLASS-Certified coaches may conduct the SAFE Range Certification program for student-athletes to complete the SAFE Certification.

Section 7.    Firearm & Ammunition Transportation

All student-athletes and coaches will follow school policies, state, county, and city laws regarding firearms and ammunition.

Published 10/20/22